Vatikim Betenuah

In cooperation with the Ministry for Social Equality and the Society and Youth Administration

Vatikim Betenuah – a program for the development of intergenerational connection[Esz1] 

Vatikim Betenuah is based on collaboration between CYMI, the Ministry for Social Equality and the Ministry of Education, and is funded by the Ministry for Social Equality. The program aims to build an intergenerational relationship between senior citizens and the young generation, to strengthen this relationship and to develop infrastructures for joint contribution and activity for the community in which both the young and the elderly reside.

Every year the participating youth movements select the chapters in which the program will be conducted. Each such chapter identifies a group of senior citizens and develops an annual work plan for shared activity and undertakings of this group from the community and the youth group from the youth movement chapter. The work plan includes developing an educational framework for the joint scheme based mutual contribution of both these population groups – both to each other as well as to the community in which they both live. Budgeting the participating braches enables them to employ a youth movement coordinator who focuses on the program and on operating quality projects.

The program has operated successfully since 2011, and feedback from the senior citizen population and from the culture and activity coordinators (in the centers for the elderly and in senior citizen homes) has been very positive.

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