Youth Organizations

CYMI management decided to establish the Children and Youth Organizations Division in March 2020. This enables youth organizations recognized by the Ministry of Higher and Supplementary Education to receive CYMI services in order to promote their educational and budgetary agenda.
The Division enables these organizations to receive the most professional accompaniment and assistance from CYMI personnel, while opening collaboration opportunities in the various CYMI committees and with the youth movements.

Youth Organizations in the Council of Youth Movements in Israel - CYMI
Tarbut (culture) Movement
This youth organization serves as a home for young artists across the entire artistic spectrum, alongside social and educational activity.
The organization operates “Artists Homes” in more than 30 Jewish and Arab local governments throughout the country. These Homes develop artistic and educational initiatives which invite the members to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings.
The organization also provides counselor opportunities for the senior age group (young counselors or producers), as well as continuing tracks in shnat sherut (a community volunteer year in which the volunteers defer their army service by one year) and the bogrim (graduates) movement.   
Batei Hanoar Nachshonim (The Nachshonim Youth Homes Association)
The Nachshonim Youth Homes Association was founded in 2009 by members of the Hashomer Hatzair graduate movement.
The purpose of the youth homes is to serve as the second educational home for youth in cities and neighborhoods.
The aim of the homes is to provide an educational, value-based place for youth to develop a worldview and life skills, to undergo an enriching value-based experience and to develop personal and community leadership as a way of integrating into and leading society.

Shabibat AJEEC Youth Organization
The first youth organization established for children and youth from the Bedouin community of the Negev.
The organization’s activities are wide ranging and include leadership, social activity, active citizenship, tolerance and volunteering. Activities are conducted by age group, for first through tenth grades, with a unique educational program for each age group that includes field trips, seminars, summer camps and more. The organization’s education underscores teamwork, developing an independent and strong personality, leadership and social drivers. The participants experience various empowerment activities as part of leadership seminars and peak days that address acceptance of the Other, entrepreneurship, innovation and tolerance.

Druze Scouts – Bnei Maaruf
The Druze Scouts Association - Bnei Maaruf educates towards cultivating a sense of Israeli belonging and pride, good citizenship and love of country, multi-culturalism, social and community involvement and democracy. It fosters Druze identity and preserving Druze culture and heritage, including all its values, among them truth, morals and justice, and all while integrating these values into scout activity.  
The youth movement operates in a range of Druze localities and fills the need for field trips and camps for children and youth from 4th  through 12th grade.

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