Jewish National Fund in Youth Movements

In cooperation with the Jewish National Fund (JNF)

A program to promote the shared values of the JNF and the CYMI.

This strategic collaboration between the JNF and the youth movements stems from the understanding that the shared core values of these two organizations, central entities in Israeli society, can serve as a fertile basis for activity and impact. This understanding led to negotiation between the JNF and CYMI, and the collaboration was discussed and approved at a meeting of CYMI management. The two organizations agreed to carry out a series of joint activities: activity for Tu Bishvat, content activity during the Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers and Independence Day period, preparing the youth movements for shared content development, learning content developed by the JNF Pedagogic Department, and additional activities. The joint program develops and supports educational programs and assists chapters in the periphery.

Activity in the first year of the partnership was examined in an evaluation study commissioned by the JNF. The study results indicated that there is good reason to develop collaboration between the JNF and the youth movements by means of a joint educational-value discourse.

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