Jewish Assembly

Asefa Israelit (Israeli Assembly) – the “Remember the Murder - Stand Up for Democracy” coalition is comprised of youth movements, organizations and persons on the right and the left, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular alike. The coalition was established in the aim of turning the memory of the assassination of Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin into a warning sign for Israeli society.

In this spirit we shaped the main commemoration event that takes place in recent years (from 2016) as an event of all elements of Israeli society, in the aim of strengthening the value-based and democratic center that opposes racism, violence, incitement and harm against entire sectors and acting to build a society with a shared, equitable and democratic center.

The coalition is based on a founding covenant, a joint document of principles which serves as the foundation for the connection between the various entities and sets equality and majority agreement as the basis for a Jewish-democratic State of Israel.

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