Green Chapters


In cooperation with – the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Education.

Green Chapters is a partnership aimed at strengthening the sustainability values in the youth movements.

The program is based on a partnership between CYMI, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Education, and funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The program supports, in terms of education, values and funding, the development of “green chapters” based on criteria (determined jointly) for defining a youth movement chapter as “green”. Every youth movement may submit annually (based on an agreed quota) a list of chapters requesting recognition as “green”, with a joint steering committee approving or rejecting their program participation. Every youth movement participating in the program has a coordinator responsible for developing the “green” topic in the movement and who is a member of the CYMI enrichment, study and peer-sharing forum.

More than 400 youth movement chapters took part in the  program from 2011 to 2018, thanks to which youth movement discourse about sustainability has developed significantly.


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